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100 Full Color

11" x 17" Posters

Only $85.00!


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CD Replication

Replicated discs are produced with injection molding technology. Each disc is created in a mold and starts it's life out as molten plastic. ALL mass produced CD's are made in this manner. Discs made using this method are also commonly referred to as "pressed" discs.


To start the process a mold is made from the data or music on the CD master that you provide us. Once the mold is made production is ready to begin. These machines cost millions of dollars and are truly amazing to watch. Each machine is capable of producing about 20,000 discs per day. After the disc is pressed it is then sent to an automated silk screen printer. Silk screening allows us to print high quality graphics on your disc. Full color printing is generally done as a 5-color process, with the additional color being a white flood coat over the entire silver disc. Each color printed needs to have it's own piece of film made, which will then be used to make a separate screen for each color. Now that the discs have been created and printed we're ready to do the packaging. At this level of the production many packaging options become available and are most cost effective. We're able to print jewel box inserts and tray cards as well as custom sleeves, etc