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CD & DVD Duplication

CD & DVD Duplication can be a highly beneficial and cost effective tool for musicians, software developers, and anyone else who needs to deliver digital content to others. The process starts with a specially designed CD or DVD media that has a specialized coating, which allows a laser to burn in information (data or audio). At Music Row CD we use only the highest quality media and equipment, which allows us to guarantee that each and every disc we produce will work exactly as it should.

Duplication is a process of copying information from one CD to another. Similar to a copy machine, this process is the excellent for runs of less than 1000, or times when you need CD's in 24-72 hours instead of two weeks or more.

Printing on the CD:

There are several methods for printing on a CD-R; thermal printing is the most prominent example. Thermal is a great process for printing directly on the media. Currently you can have your discs printed using simple black lettering, print full-color photo quality images directly onto the disc, or anything in between.

Advantages to Thermal Printing are:

  • On-demand printing at unprecedented speed
  • Production quality on all standard media
  • Indelible process requires no drying time
  • Rugged durability for everyday use
  • Full custom design capabilities
  • Economical production costs

Inkjet Printing is another process that can be used, with a specially coated CD-R. While this method can produce an acceptable final product we do not use or recommend inkjet printing. It is not remarkably durable, and can smear or bleed from a moist hand or even high humidity. It can also cost more due to the need for specially coated media and more frequent waste from misprints. Lastly, it just doesn't look nearly as nice as a color thermal label.

You can be assured that Music Row CD provides you with the highest quality CD production available in today's market place.